Crisis | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 22, 2021


By Kamlesh Acharya with 6.3

drama · Short Films

The film is set in a scenic, peaceful farmland where Nita, after eight long years of a competitive life in corporate New York, returns to reunite with her family. As she drags her heavy suitcase through the muddy, narrow village tracks, Pappu, who is usually busy grabbing chickens and gossiping with his buffalo Dumri, recognizes Nita and holds her up for a chat. 

Nita reluctantly listens as he explains minute details of the livestock and his immense love for the quiet, dim village, despite the mockery and injustice he receives for being simpleminded. This contrasts with the fast-paced, exciting city where seemingly never-ending skyscrapers and Nita’s glowing dreams reside. Sharing her pain and difficulties with someone who has a lighter and easier take on life provides the protagonist a new perspective. Perhaps her ‘crisis’ is not as massive it seems, the narrative suggests. 
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