Continuum | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 8, 2021


By Nitish Shankar with 6.6

sci fi · Short Films · tamil

The film introduces us to a character who has been reliving the same day for two decades now. He wakes up over and over again and goes to sleep to again wake up to the same day of September seventh. What eventually begins with perhaps a suggestion of monotony and a metaphor for the cyclicality of existence and the repetitive circles that come to constitute life, soon becomes a science fiction narrative about an actual anomaly in the fabric of time that has left our protagonist stranded and doomed to live the same day till eternity.

The paradox the film tackles is constituted by Abhimanyu's desperate need to cross over to the next day after September seventh to be able to create time travel and release himself from this trap. However, to be able to overcome this fateful date he precisely needs the same thing which he eventually has to create. While battling this conundrum, however, one day, the pattern of the day that he has lived for twenty years, breaks. For the first time in over 7000 days, something changes.

A strange character, and eventually familiar too, awaits at his doorstep, to reveal to him the existence of innumerable different tangents of existence he has set in motion without realizing. He further invokes the idea about the stability of the universe which would collapse if he attempted to tinker with the pattern he has unknowingly become an integral part of. The film is a devoted and sincere engagement with all of these ideas, presenting forth its interpretation and portrayal of the same. While the protagonist is left to make sense of the swiftly unfolding events before him, what happens next would determine the fate of the universe. It is at this juncture the narrative allows itself to conclude, with a quick glimpse of what truly lays ahead.
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