Colors: Green | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2020

Colors: Green

By AK Srikanth with 6.6

drama · Short Films · english

First part of a trilogy, each representing a colour of the Indian flag, Green takes us into the life of a middle-aged housewife. As she fills her days, years and her entire life all along with duties and tasks that are expected of her, time passes by in a blur, leaving her with a sense of deep unhappiness. The only escape possible is in her dreams where she carries out the most remarkable and breathtaking dance performances in the wilderness, far from the several societal constructs that keep her away from her creative side during her waking hours.

While the film is marked by notable visuals, the strongest aspect that undoubtedly takes away the cake is the performance by Savitha Sastry who is fluid in her movements, elegant in their execution and divine in the manner in which she ties it all together. Along with this, the film also invokes a relevant comment about the location of women in society, the familial space, as well as the manner in which it comes to affect their mental health.
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