Cheepatakadumpa | Devashish Makhija | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 25, 2021


By Devashish Makhija with 7.5

comedy · Short Films

Authentic, unique and extremely entertaining - the latest offering by filmmaker Devashish Makhija is surely all of this, and much more. The narrative takes us into the friendship of three women and portrays the myriad ways in which it gets tied with sexuality, loyalty, looking out for one another and lastly, but also quite importantly - the big O of a woman's life.
"The outlandish, freewheeling script was improvised over many weeks of rehearsals with the film’s actors (all hailing from India’s National School of Drama), drawing from their personal challenges of growing up as women in patriarchal, small-town-India", says Makhija.
The execution of the plot, which is marked by an element of magical realism, also attains a surreal quality as it presents itself to the viewer. The true triumph of the film, however, lies in the fact that the engagement with its concerns is carried out in a notably effortless manner, tying itself with the filmmaker's own comments about how the narrative came to be. Not taking itself too seriously, the relationships of the characters come across as effervescent, beautifully blending in this dance of rebellions in a small town, little transgressions, snatched and stolen moments of pleasure and joy, and how it is in these small moments indeed that life is weaved.

The final result steers clear of any vulnerabilities the exploration of thematic underpinnings of the kind exposes a story to, leaving you with a colorful, uplifting, perhaps even educational, film at the end of it all.