Cat Living In A Guitar | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day September 17, 2020

Cat Living In A Guitar

By Mitali Solanki with 6.8

drama · Short Films · hindi

What could be a more heartwarming visual than a young boy, wearing a red cape, playing the guitar in a fantasy concert in his room? All of the above, topped with a cat!

It is a delightful video which showcases the boy’s passion for music ever since he was a child. The lyrics complement his dreams and the hope of making it big some day, along with seeing music as salvation. He paints a picture of his future rockstar-self and puts it on the wall behind his bed, over the posters of superheroes. The title is apt too, as we see the boy’s obsession with primarily two beings, his cat and his guitar.

The continuous juxtaposition of his past, present, and future solely engrossed in one pursuit in this endearing narrative marked by its sophisticated visuals, are perhaps a way of foretelling that his commitment will bring his dreams to fruition.
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