Carnitapu | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 3, 2021


By Amaan Ahmad with 6.4

drama · Short Films

With symbolism as the primary approach to its storytelling, the short film introduces us to the many emotional states of a woman. The manner in which the relationships in her life come to affect them, from potential sexual liaisons to the treatment meted out to her by her parents, all of them become important deciding factors. However, because of the abstraction the plot comes to operate within, marked more by obscurity than lucidity, it is possible to have multiple interpretations for the things unfolding before you.

As the entirety of the narrative progresses, develops and concludes, it comes across as attempting to invoke surreal images, akin to the altered reality of dreams, to tell a story of love, loss, pain and sometimes, even pleasure, albeit temporar
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