Calling | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 3, 2021


By Akash Chhabra with 6.5

drama · Short Films · english

The plot of Calling divides itself into three parts, each corresponding to a part of the brain - brain stem, cortex and cerebellum. Each section introduces the viewer to a different struggle of the protagonist - from the pressure of familial responsibilities to problems in his relationship to obstacles pertaining to his professional life.

As he struggles to confront his issues head-on, there are further doubts and concerns about finding a way to pursue his true passion and desires. By portraying all of this, the narrative communicates an important message about peace and happiness that is often found most easily in the great outdoors, in the lap of nature, and the trails that lead to them, or at least in the thought and images of the same which might not always exist beyond our mind. Additionally, the idea of nature being a source of solace is simply a suggestion of what a person's calling can be. The film's intention is to only use it as a metaphor to urge the viewer to find their own place of comfort and ease.
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