Breath | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 7, 2020


By Nandan with 6.7

crime · Short Films · malayalam

The first introduction the film offers to the viewer is marked by a tone of urgency - a small time drug peddler has somehow landed himself in dangerous proximity to a cop. As he makes a hurried call to a companion, the audience is invested and involved, without even realising that they are already rooting for him.

The visuals introduce us to the lateness of the hour marked by empty streets, inhabited only by street dogs. The story is interesting in the manner in which it adds layers and texture to the narrative without truly making anything explicit. Consequently, we are informed of financial trouble, the aftermath of beef ban and police foiling the business of peddlers. To add to it all, a suspicious visitor arrives at the doorstep as the two characters try to figure out the course of action ahead. The mood is eery, the hour unearthly, how will the remnants of the night develop?
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