Break Up Ke Baad | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 31, 2020

Break Up Ke Baad

By Prateek Ghore with 6.7

music video · Short Films · marathi

The ukulele-supported vocals present forth a soulful and catchy melody about a universally relatable experience - heartache after a breakup. The story is shared with the viewer by invoking a calm and soft atmosphere that takes them by the hand into the experiences of the protagonist. The music video is marked by its smooth visuals and a convincing performance, tied together neatly by competent singing.

Despite the heavy subject matter and theme, the sound of the song is easy and lighthearted, of the right kind, allowing it to be an engaging product, without weighing itself down with sentimentalism, also earning this particular strength a separate mention. Though a cover of a famous song, Break Up Ke Baad brings to the table its own individuality, further making it stand apart for the audience.
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