Bral | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2021


By Anupama Lakshmi with 7

dramedy · Short Films · malayalam

The protagonist's day starts off at the very wrong foot. From a quarrel with his wife regarding a broken window to annoyance at the carpenter who refuses to show up for work he has already been paid for, the tribulations have no end. All of the drama unfolds within a lusciously green corner tucked away in a rural, peaceful part of Kerala where there is little available by means of entertainment beyond prying into your neighbor's life.

Despite the aforementioned obstacles, there is still little more in store for the protagonist who is yet to battle a punctured tire, but most important of all, an unexpected call from his father-in-law. After catching a humongous murrel, a fish known for its delicious meat, he is busy with the preparations of an elaborate lunch when the fateful call occurs.

By employing all of these events, further marked by their quiet humor at the haplessness of the protagonist, the narrative moves from one development to another effortlessly. All along, the viewer is kept engrossed and entertained at his expense, eventually allowing the film to come together as a coherent, cohesive whole.
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