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Short Film of the Month June 2024


By Palash Kulkarni with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

The film deals with a heavy subject but does so without weighing itself down with didactic messaging or moralizing. It opens with quiet visuals of an empty house, save for a solitary figure of a man. As the visuals are interwoven with the vastness of the sea, a story of pain, and the inability to reconcile it, emerges.

The protagonist is about to commit a terrible act from which there is no turning back. He has made up his mind, and nothing can break this resolve now. The screenplay remains marked by very little dialogue, the consequent lacuna filled by the performance, both of which complement each other. The narrative presents its message loudly and emphatically, and the various elements of storytelling and narratorial progression come together in a complete manner to support the same.
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