Black | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 27, 2021


By Sumit Kumar Sinha with 6.9

horror · Short Films

The narrative of Black employs no dialogues, instead supplements itself with a smooth sound design to bring to life a gory reality. Along with gore, elements of splatter, cannibalism and even jump scares find their way into this horror story.

The setting is of a strange forest where the atrocious deed of burying human intestines is being executed. The plot develops in a manner that holds the viewer's attention tightly in its grasp. The skilled visuals too have a role to play here.

The forest acquires a fantastical hue of its own. The murderer's delirium becomes evident in his eyes. All these elements together serve to complement and hold the story as a whole. The film is not for those with a weak stomach, consider yourself warned. It promises you a horrifying narrative, and a horrifying narrative is what it delivers.
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