Bittu | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month August 2023


By Shivang Shukla with 7.1

drama · Short Films · hindi

sotmsoty 23 finalist
At first glance, Bittu is confident, endearing, and entertaining. The viewer is already taken by her from the get-go which is why even though her reality is revealed to be quite different from this, we do not stop rooting for her. If at all, our support becomes firmer.

The protagonist has a stammer, a characteristic that costs her greatly within the arranged marriage market. The narrative does an efficient job of portraying her battles in a film that remains consistent with the effervescence it had opened with, irrespective of the change of tonality, as well as the core of the subject matter, which has become darker and heavier by now. It does not weigh itself down with melodrama and, in the process, manages to communicate an entire spectrum of emotions with ease.

The film becomes a beautiful exploration of the many nuances and dynamics that form Bittu’s life and familial relationships, including an ever-loving father, a concerned mother, and an unexpected knock of love at the doorstep. The chemistry between the actors aids the endeavor further, ensuring that the end result delivers on its promises of presenting romance, drama, and some more, to the viewer.
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