Bhojan | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 23, 2023


By Dharakala Team with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

Equipped with a controlled pace, the world of ‘Bhojan’ is constructed gradually. The narrative spends time with ease on each individual component. The entirety of the plot unfolds within the span of one day in the life of our protagonist, Vishal.

In this duration, however, the film presents to you a complete picture of Vishal’s social location, his working class background, and all the hopes, dreams and aspirations that he harbors within. The narrative further exhibits seamlessness in the manner in which it employs both humor, and drama to share its intentions.

Additionally, the protagonist is brought to life with sincerity and skill in terms of writing as well as performance. The story also covers an interesting journey from the moment of its opening to the conclusion, presenting to us two very contrasting images, finally united by an unexpected, yet organic, narratorial flow.
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