Bff | 2020 Film Challenge

2020 Film Challenge November 10, 2020


By Smriti Singh with 6.3

romance · Short Films · hindi

When we make friends in college, we think of them as friends for life. The experience of having shared our joys, our failures, our dreams, our limits at that starry-eyed age, solidifies the bond. There is something special about the people we meet at a juncture in our lives when we are independently seeing the world, who become family. This film describes one such relationship. College best friends reconnect after years. So many things have changed – they have jobs, one got married, one has a child. But is it possible to start the relationship from the point where you left, even when you’ve missed the major events that have happened in your friend’s life while you were busy with yours? Locating itself in a locked down world, this is what the film explores.

The most important thing in a film about friendship is the comfort level between actors playing friends to bring out their chemistry, and despite not being in the same room together, the actors in BFF are able to achieve this.
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