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Beta Sweater Pehno | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day November 1, 2019

Beta Sweater Pehno

By Swarathma with 7.5

music video · Short Films

Directed by Vasu Dixit, the music video raises concerns about a very important issue - depression among school students. What begins as an innocent instruction, many of us would associate with our childhood, "Beta, sweater peheno", soon takes the form of a didactic, suffocating diktat.

The claustrophobic tone of the video is further enhanced by the visuals of the five band members against the backdrop of an empty school. The overwhelming emptiness of the minimalist frames invokes the idea of school students drowning in expectations and the pressure to perform. Beta Sweater Peheno makes a relevant comment about the conversation around mental health and leaves you feeling overwhelmed, and perhaps that is the point of the music video.

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