Bagulbua | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month May 2022


By Connecting the Dots Films with 7

drama · Short Films

'Bagulbua' (Bugbear) is defined by a space inhabited solely by two - a mother and her little son. However, soon the viewer realizes that another unwanted guest has ensconced itself within this realm of domesticity - an overwhelming fear of shadows and all that lurks within them.

The narrative is a lovely exploration of this world of horrors for the child, one which holds little substance for adults. And yet, the plot is well-equipped with the required thrill and eeriness.

A little slice of life, a little darkness - the two are coupled together for the narratorial progression. The space remains marked by notable storytelling throughout, offering an interesting, engaging plot to the viewer, along with an efficient use of resources and performances.
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