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Badal Diya | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day July 4, 2019

Badal Diya

By Karan Shetty with 7

ad film · Short Films

Art indeed has a higher purpose, one of not only imitating reality, but also changing it for the better. The ad film is a reminder of the same by portraying how positive stories enable us to break out of the moulds society forces us into.

What is it that can't be conquered with love and kindness, with a little support of those around you and with a desire to help each other? The film raises the same rhetorical question by presenting the viewer with different scenarios. The smooth and skilled visual transitions from one scenario to another enriches it further. Stories have the power to lead to constructive thought which in turn can lead to reformative action. Let this film simply be an invocation of this particular truth, if nothing more.

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