Ayak | Short Film of the Year

Short Film of the Year 2022


By Haseeb Abdul Latheef with 7.3

thriller · Short Films · malayalam

‘Ayak’’s world is constructed with a controlled, and steady hand, taking the viewer into the story gradually, but irrevocably. The sustained pace ensures that even though the dialogue in the film is frugal, you are deeply invested in the fate of the protagonist. Manu has arrived at the Forest of Chithari to perform an age-old ritual that takes place every twenty years.

The forest is not only the abode of innumerable secrets and unsaid things, but also of forces far beyond Manu’s comprehension. The story that began in ancient Egypt, is about to come to fruition with his arrival for the ritual. Ayak, or the potion that unites one with the gods, is soon presented to him in the most unlikely circumstances.

As the events unfold, the film puts forth a narrative that is quiet, but stern. It employs no sudden thrills or jump scares to unsettle the viewer, and still ensures that it remains disconcerting throughout. The visuals of the vast expanses enhance it manifold, as do the smooth edit and the screenplay. The seamless weaving of all of these elements allows 'Ayak' to become a beautiful final result that is not simply defined by mystery or thrill, but also by an element of fantasy and something terrible awaiting right around the corner.
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