Audition Room | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2021

Audition Room

By Azarudeen J with 6.6

thriller · Short Films · tamil

The short film opens with startling images of a bloody knife, a lifeless body and a wailing husband confessing his crime in a passionate outburst. However, as he proceeds to explore the misplaced reasons for his actions and drown in deep-seated guilt, a comedic subversion of events reveals the entire scene to be an audition. A voice from behind the camera challenges his acting skills, commenting on his inability to step into the character and shed tears, articulating dialogues and so on.

They go through several takes for a perfectly delivered scene. However, did they really succeed or lose something essential in the process? Does the narrative suggest something deeper than otherwise visible to the eye at first glance? The final result raises all of these questions, while also attempting to use color to convey underpinnings of the plot, eventually offering its conclusion, and the answers, to the viewer.
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