Attapoochi| Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 26, 2019


By Karthik Vadivelu with 6.6

drama · Short Films · tamil

The film does a notable job of invoking the cyclical nature of debt that financial structures thrive on at the expense of an average person. The story is of a farmer in Tamil Nadu who takes a loan for his son's education, both characters performed convincingly by the actors. Once his education is complete, the son moves to a metropolitan city to repay the loan with his job. However, in the city lies its own set of distractions that sink him deeper into debt.

As despair grips Kathir, along with the isolation of being in a city which doesn't accept him for who he is, he finds himself taking a disturbing, extreme step. Through the tragic story of a father-son duo, the film comments on how entrapping the web of debt can be, often blinding the person of the pitfalls of money that is provided to them instantly. The narrative also tries to comment on culture gap and the pressure to fit in.
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