Atrangi | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 1, 2021


By Sunny Sharma with 6.9

thriller · Short Films

A woman arrives at an unknown location, all by herself, to meet a strange man. This is the image which is offered to the viewer right at the start of the film. She is unsure, worried and deeply afraid of something, and yet, she continues her endeavor - interviewing a serial killer, a mentally unbalanced, deranged man who has a past of violence, both inflicted on and by him.

The film employs a limited physical space, the entirety of the conversation unfolding without the characters moving from their position right until the end. And yet the fear and unease that the narrative manages to instill in the viewer is powerful and notable. Consequently, Atrangi becomes a product that simply utilizes its writing and performances to invoke an atmosphere of horror.

A sense of something sinister being afoot never leaves you throughout the film, making you deeply concerned about the fate of the woman who sits before this man who, on the other hand, is recounting all his crimes and acts of cruelty with absolute nonchalance. It is in this use of few resources, minus any garish tools and devices, to successfully communicate its story, that the true success of the film lies, keeping you engaged and involved all along. The film could have gained from more control on the lucidity of its visuals. However, the uncertainty about the fate of the characters preoccupies you instead of its technical aspects, further ensuring that when the revelation finally arrives, it is a conclusion befitting the premise set so far.
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