Armchair | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 3, 2022


By Nishant Narvekar with 6.8

romance · Short Films · hindi

‘Armchair’ is a very sincere exploration of a single moment suspended within a circumstance of heightened tension, conflict, and eventually, heartbreak. It’s a regular day as Nisha and Anny sit with each other, doing chores and discussing issues at work, giving us a glimpse into everything that constitutes their daily life. However, soon Nisha realizes that the conversation is only one-sided with Anny absorbed in a state of agitation and anxieties of her own.

The film presents a judicious use of the same space and a lean cast and crew to brings its intentions to life. In such an endeavor, rough edges and wrinkles are inevitable, but the writing helps to draw one’s attention away from them. This, in turn, allows the exploration of the said moment a balanced completion.
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