Arangetram | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 24, 2022


By Tsspc Private Limited with 6.5

drama · Short Films · tamil

The film is the story of a woman who has deprioritized her dreams for a life of duties and responsibilities. It is interesting to see a narrative talk of a character’s passions and hopes that are not simply confined to her family, despite the love and affection she has for them. The protagonist, Kavitha, is portrayed as a person of her own even in the face of all her responsibilities.

As all Savitha Sastry films, the highlight of this one too remains the dance sequences which truly ensure you are unable to take your eyes off the screen. However, it does take flight from the films so far in the manner in which it touches upon a Western dance form, even if briefly. The story also endeavors to conjure lighthearted humor, along with drama and a sweet portrayal of the support of a loving family. While the writing and the narratorial progression could have been smoother, the film remains sincere and honest in everything that it offers.
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