Anukul | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 28, 2023


By Sujoy Ghosh with 7.4

sci fi · Short Films · bengali

Anukul is a story by Satyajit Ray that is enhanced in the most elegant way by Sujoy Ghosh's filmmaking. The narrative is about a school teacher who decides to get a robot one day to take care of his domestic chores.

Set in West Bengal, the plot touches upon a concern which is also relevant in contemporary times, one of artificial intelligence making humans redundant. The dim-lighting of the film further helps to invoke a sense of tension and uncertainty about the human fate as well as their conflicted equation with machines. The film is subtle, powerful and, irrespective of the side you find yourself on when it comes to apprehensions about AI, sure to move you.
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