Anti-Literature | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 14, 2024


By Kabir Kotwal with 6.8

experimental · Short Films · french

The film opens in an arbitrary universe of unrelated things and characters, complete with surreal images of open fields and unlikely sheepherders. The circuitous path eventually takes us to the protagonist, Yaduk, who has a thing or two to say about intellect and mediocrity.

In the process, the film makes an unequivocal comment about the burden of awareness. It presents a thought in a distinct style, drawing inspiration from drama-comedies of a similar suit, but roping in its own individual voice to portray it all. The narrative establishes a premise, and shares its views on intellect and its relationship with lesser pursuits; it is a welcome prospect to see a longer exploration of the same storytelling style. It would allow future projects to surpass their existing potential.
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