Antechamber | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 23, 2022


By Eashan Chakrabarti with 6.5

thriller · Short Films · hindi

A young man is up at dawn to make it in time for a job interview to a nearby village. On his journey to Khogol, he is first greeted by an ominous tea-seller. With his face hidden, his voice carries a foreboding the protagonist is quick to dismiss and move on. He meets yet another strange character on his path, but he continues to push forth either way. His destination is marked by a strange, shadowy corner, completely isolated and quiet except for the voice of one man, and all the secrets it carries.

The end result, though marked by a few unstable visuals and lighting, is clear about all that it wants to communicate and portray. This, in turn, allows the narrative to present its ideas to the viewer with directness and lucidity.
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