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Anokhee | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day July 24, 2020


By Maaz Kazmi with 7

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The strongest aspect of the film is the humane element it manages to capture and utilise not only for the benefit of a pleasurable viewing experience of the audience, but more importantly, also for serving a social purpose. It thus succeeds at doing its bit to work towards normalising identities of those living with a disability, enhanced further by a skilled performance of the protagonist.

The story is of selfie attempts of a young girl, aided by her family. A perfectly normal experience, it is also portrayed as one without giving in to sentimentalism or maudlin developments at the expense of the quality of the plot and its execution. Finally, Anokhee concludes with a reminder and a request to endeavour to help someone in need with perhaps a little effort on the part of the viewer.

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