All the World's a Stage  | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 9, 2020

All the World's a Stage

By Nikhil Chaudhary with 6.4

experimental · Short Films · hindi

The film invokes an engagement with several concerns pertaining to human existence. From divisions that humankind has managed to breed within on the lines of differing ideologies of colour and creed, to what seems like an internal conflict with the self that will perhaps never be resolved - the narrative portrays them all. The interplay of these ideas is achieved against the hinterland of some of the most iconic texts by William Shakespeare that include Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, Julius Caesar and As You Like It.

The film exhibits a sincerity of effort and thought, achieved and executed by its ensemble cast, with each member attempting to employ their limited resources to full efficiency. In terms of writing, however, the script comes across as something written more for the textual medium, involving reading, as opposed to visual content. Adapting a script for the screen with this concern in mind would lead the team to realise their potential better in their future projects.
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