Ahalya | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 6, 2024


By Sujoy Ghosh with 7.4

fantasy · Short Films · hindi

The story is of an Arjun and an Indra, of magical stones and a disappeared boy. Add to it Radhika Apte in one of her most alluring avatars as a convincing coquette, and the short film is bound to catch your attention.

The setting is the house of an artist somewhere in West Bengal. One afternoon a police officer visits him regarding the disappearance of a boy called Arjun who was last known to have met him. The mystery of the missing boy which is introduced to the viewer is taut with the sexual tension between the police officer and the young wife of his ageing host. The plot is the overarching force that drives this film, a modern day take on the myth of Ahalya in which the power structures have been reversed. Further, the narrative is weaved most seamlessly by skilled performances of its three actors.
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