Agaadham | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2021


By Akhil Vilakkadan with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · malayalam

A secluded bungalow in the suburbs, surrounded by tall, leafy trees and a courtyard, along with a well in the front, is home to a small family of three. The brother, an aspiring actor, gets a casting call from a contact and decides to leave for the shoot. Despite clear instructions from his mother who is away for work, he leaves the sister behind, alone in the house.

Soon after, the weather turns dark and light rain begins to pour. The sister who needs a hearing aid is playing with her doll when it accidentally falls out of the grilled window. A large, bloody hand, an unfortunate timing and a dirty doll - all of these images are invoked to instil horror and the fear of an uncertain fate of the characters. As matters come to a head, what eventually remains are a series of mishaps at the expense of a few innocent souls, and a terribly dark secret waiting to be revealed.
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