Ae Dil | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 30, 2021

Ae Dil

By Ashwin Sharma with 6.5

music video · Short Films · hindi

The music video is marked by soulful vocals, with an equally melodious score. The song takes you into a world of its own, with an important message forming its backbone. We are introduced to a household marked by domestic conflict and the resultant effect it has on the child in the family. The narrative also emphasizes the hold of past trauma and the immensely powerful role it can play in the present.

While the final result offers a relevant comment on the issue it tackles, the visual narrative does not meet the vocal and musical aspect of it midway, ensuring that the latter covers a longer distance. It would be interesting to see more projects by the team in which both aspects work in unison and are at par with one another.
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