Aaj Phir Tera | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 8, 2021

Aaj Phir Tera

By Madmast with 6.4

music video · Short Films · hindi

First dates or romantic dinners are marked by nervous excitement, generous amounts of time spent in grooming oneself, and long preparations of something special for the person of affection. The protagonist, an enthusiastic, cheery man, seems to be a master in these categories, but especially when it comes to the culinary aspect of it all. As he moves from one corner of his kitchen to another, his endeavor of baking a scrumptious cake is allowed portrayal against soft, uplifting vocals.

With his best apron on and tasteful music in the background, he begins the elaborate process. As fine wine and cutlery are brought out, a table for two is set up in his courtyard where a live band plays and adds an extra verve to the evening. With everything in place, he waits by the door, but will his love and efforts turn out to be fruitful?
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