70+ Year Old Couple Selling Idli at Rs 10 | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 4, 2022

70+ Year Old Couple Selling Idli at Rs 10

By Raga Productions with 6.4

non fiction · Short Films · hindi

The non-fiction narrative wants to tell a story of struggle and hardship. It introduces us to the life of a couple, advanced in its years, but somehow making ends meet by running a small business that sells idlis. It takes us into their physical space, exposing all its quiet, close cornices to paint a picture of their existence for us.

The plot further introduces us to the many obstacles they have had to overcome in their pursuit, be it concerns like renovation of a tumbledown property or their health which has taken a turn for the worse in their recent past. The video is well-intentioned and exhibits potential in the department of visuals.
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