4th Rule | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 5, 2021

4th Rule

By Abhijith RV with 6.7

sci fi · Short Films · malayalam

The film opens with two brothers discussing the constraints of life after Covid-19. However, as this seemingly inane conversation soon develops, their deceased father’s mysterious and concealed briefcase is brought into play. The protagonist insists on exploring the contents of the case whereas his brother decides not to participate.

The briefcase holds a handgun and a leather-bound journal with four points of instructions about time-travel. As the protagonist pens down the exact date and time one year into the future, he is led to an unsettling revelation, jump-starting a series of dark, strange events he holds no control over. While the film inches towards its conclusion, Murphy's law is reinstated in a manner that leaves little room for doubt or ambiguities for anything that can go wrong truly goes wrong in the protagonist's life.
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