Cubicles - EP 02 - CTC | The Viral Fever | Web Series

Cubicles: S1.E2

EP 02 - CTC

By The Viral Fever with 7

Season 1
The show is about the (mis)adventures of a 22-year-old professional Piyush Prajapati. Freshly out of college, Piyush finds himself working for an IT company.

As he navigates around the different aspects of a professional environment, he is met with all kinds of people that make it even more difficult to deal with this whole new world he has suddenly found himself in. From unprofessional colleagues to stern seniors to indifferent and self-centered flatmates - characters are located throughout this alien path to increase to the obstacles he is already trying to overcome. Amidst this endless rigmarole of disappointment, hurt, long hours in a tiny cubicle and trying to make sense of his life, what will be Piyush's fate?
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