Hey, Filmmaker!

Distribute and monetise your film using an exclusive, 48-hour-digital experience.

Exclusive and Democratic

Tired of knocking at doors to get your film the release it deserves? Allow your work to make an exclusive 48-hour-online debut on Shorted in a democratic manner where content is king. The names or the fame of your cast and crew does not matter.

Limited Time Viewing

The film will be available only for a limited time of 48 hours. The filmmaker is free to distribute their film on other platforms or do as they desire after the screening.


Users can buy tickets to the online screening on an inbuilt, easy checkout system on Shorted. They will then be given access to watch the film on the screening date for 48 hours.

Be Everywhere Your Viewers Are

Grow your reach and revenue with an effortless ticket booking system across devices.

Distribution a logistical nightmare?

We’ve got your back.

Forget the jitters and shakes, and let us take care of the tech and the general jargon that surrounds a screening. Nothing else for you to do, but sit back and let the viewer enjoy a seamless streaming experience.


Wondering if you can release your film on a holiday or a long weekend? Find the opportunity to hold the screening on the day of your choice.


Generate revenue from the ticketed screening with easy payouts.


Leverage from an existing, targeted audience of independent films on Shorted.


Complete transparency regarding audience engagement with the film.


Your Domain locked viewing experience. Secure video transfer. Protected asset management

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