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Vij says because the medium is so fresh and unique, it allows the actors to work in a more easy and flexible environment.

September 6, 2019

By Shorted

The Web Space is Easier for a Woman Than Bollywood: Kriti Vij

Vij says because the medium is so fresh and unique, it allows the actors to work in a more easy and flexible environment.

The web space is a fresher medium, it has content which is actually a little bit more experimental than the stereotypical television content we are used to. So, I think it’s a great space to be in.
When it Comes to Baked and What the Folks, How Has the Journey Been as a Woman?

In Baked, the story primarily was about the three boys and their college life. I actually really enjoyed my part. It was a short one, but it was quite substantial. In What the Folks, on the other hand, the narrative wasn’t male driven, it had equal weightage for all characters.
Sexual Harassment in the Web Space
To be very honest, when I was in Delhi, I used to hear all these really terrible stories about Bollywood and how women get harassed. I was so sceptical, and right after my shift to Mumbai, I would prepare myself for all kinds of situations - if somebody approaches me, this is how I will be, this is how I will respond, and so on and so forth. But to be very honest, I have gone for auditions for advertisements, movies, short films, and I haven’t faced anything so far.

I consider myself very lucky. At the same time, I’m very aware of things like these. If I haven’t gone through them myself, I know of friends who have. However, I do have to say that in the web space, it’s a bit different from Bollywood or other industries where we hear stories of harassment because it’s new and people are not coming from rigid backgrounds. It is definitely more democratic, flexible and easy.
When it Comes to the ‘What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ Debate, Where Does Vij Stand?

This is a very long drawn debate and I’ve thought about it multiple times. To be very honest, when I was reading the script, I was on both sides of the argument at so many points. If you see the end of the video, even the girl who was questioning using beauty to one’s advantage, sits up to look at the boy who enters in the last scene. All three of them look at him the same way. It goes to show that beauty is relevant, that physical appearance does influence us, but it can’t possibly do that for too long. It’s definitely going to wear off at some point. Like how we say there is nepotism in the industry, and if your dad is a star, you get your first film, but how successful you are after that is pretty much up to you. I feel it’s exactly the same way with your physical appearance. Looks do take you somewhere, but you’ve got to have substance to be able to stay there or move forward.